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Inter-institutional projects for postdoctoral positions within the Heidelberg Mannheim Health and Life Science Alliance Postdoctoral Project

Project Title: Family relationships as health-promoting factors in old age: Investigating markers of biological aging and health outcomes in a large cohort of older adults Project outline: Intimate social relationships improve individual health and longevity, an effect which is supposed to be mediated through epigenetic changes in stress-sensitive endocrine and immune mechanisms, with relevance for a broad range of diseases.

As part of the ongoing longitudinal ESTHER cohort study, originally 9,940 women and men aged 50-75 years were recruited in 2000-2002. Comprehensive sociodemographic, lifestyle, and health related data were obtained by questionnaires from the participants and their general practitioners at baseline and every 2-3 years since then. In three follow-up rounds (8, 11, and 14-year followup), these were expanded by home visits with comprehensive geriatric assessments. Biospecimen, in particular blood samples, were collected at baseline and each follow-up and have already been used for a wealth of genetic and epigenetic analyses based on genome-wide genetic and epigenetic profiling of the entire cohort. In an earlier satellite project, 200 partners of ESTHER participants were enrolled using identical instruments of data and biospecimen collection.

In the planned project - a joint effort of the groups from DKFZ, Heidelberg University Hospital and EMBL - the postdoc will be advised and supervised in the analysis and publication of data with a focus on immune-relevant epigenetic changes in the examined persons and couples of the ESTHER cohort.

Researchers from medicine, biosciences, epidemiology, computational biology, neurobiology, or psychology with a background and interest in the analysis of genetic and epigenetic data are invited to apply. 



Inter-Institutional Postdoctoral Positions

What we are looking for:

The Innovation Campus Heidelberg Mannheim Health & Life Sciences is looking for outstanding junior scientists for bridging projects between two or more of the Innovation Campus institutions. Suitable candidates may choose from a wide variety of 138 innovative, interinstitutional projects specifically proposed by Project Leaders of the Innovation Campus for this new initiative. Currently, a particular focus is on priority areas of cancer research, cardiovascular research, neuropsychiatric diseases, genomics, synthetic immunology, molecular engineering and medical technologies. Alternatively, applicants are also welcome to define their own research project with at least two PIs at two different institutions of the Innovation Campus. Candidates for the postdoctoral positions should have a PhD, MD or MD/PhD in a relevant area of research.

What we offer:

  • Excellent scientific environment and world-class research institutions in the life sciences
  • Access to high-end technologies and state of the art labs at the campus environment of the Heidelberg University in Baden-Württemberg, Germany one of the largest biomedical research hubs in Europe
  • Through the unique expertise across the institutions, we offer you the exclusive opportunity to gain insight into transfer of knowledge and development of new applications
  • Accepted fellows will be provided a two-year contract at one of the Innovation Campus institutions
  • Continuous guidance and support from experienced PIs from the Innovation Campus institutions
  • This completely new inter-institutional program enables you to excel in interdisciplinary research
  • Successful applicants are welcome to take up the post as soon as possible